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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Catch a wave

Well the customary New Years Day dive didn't happen due to high winds and with today being decidedly touch and go, we decided to check out Lighthouse Point and make a decision when we got there. It wasn't great but it was better than it had been all week.
The waves start crashing on shore
The surface was lumpier than a bag of spanners with a Northerly current that pushing so hard even the fish had problems swimming, no joke. There was a big old barracuda having a hard time staying trying to stay stationary as we got in. Needless to say that today wasn't the day to get some quality shots and macro work was pretty much a bust.
Flamingo tongue cowrie hanging on for grim death......
We had to work hard to make headway up the mini wall, using every bit of cover we could find. I had a trail of snappers following behind me, using me for cover, the cheeky swines.
"When will the weather get better?"
There were some some nice big old lobsters mooching around with the odd scrawled filefish darting from pinnacle to pinnacle, but the viz was making a mockery of us today.
Sensibly sheltered
We pushed on up the wall for another as far as we could before we turned and had a great drift back down. Just like being back on Cozumel. I did catch a nice hermit crab sitting on a sponge but it was right out in the current so we were both struggling to keep stationary. I didn't get the shot I would have liked. Next time though.
I'll be back for you next time........
We decided to knock it on the head after 71 mins. as the current and viz were getting worse, which was a real shame but as my granny always said, there's always another day for a dive.
A final blennie before getting out
Not a great day with not a lot to show for it, but hey, you make make do. After all tomorrow is another day. Dive safe.