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Sunday, 28 February 2016

See Emily play

Play time for all? or was it just playing with it's food? Pretty spectacular to catch it on camera nonetheless.

Link: HERE

Spectacular photos have emerged of a dolphin playfully tossing an octopus into the air off the coast of Western Australia.

 She said while it was not uncommon for dolphins to do the "octopus toss", it was rare to capture it on camera. "I've been studying dolphins for five to six years and never seen a dolphin play with an octopus for five minutes," Ms Nicholson told WAtoday."

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Blister in the sun

Interesting reading indeed, but the question is what can we do to stop it beyond the breeding programmes alread out there?

Link: HERE

"Last fall, marine biologists reported that we’re currently in the midst of one of the largest coral die-offs they’d ever seen, and the third global bleaching event on record. This week at the Ocean Sciences Conference in New Orleans, NOAA will offer its first big update on the situation. And it ain’t good."

"In 1998, a massive underwater heat wave killed 18% of corals around the world in the first global bleaching event. This year’s coral bleaching is expected to impact 38% of the world’s coral reefs, decimating over 4,630 square miles (12,000 square kilometers) of reefs by 2016."

Friday, 5 February 2016

One sock blues

There's always some new mystery to solve in the ocean, as with this mysterious tale of the "purple sock" fish, creature, whatever, that they've been trying to solve for the last 60 years

Link: HERE

"The animal, called Xenoturbella, is so bizarre that for 60 years researchers could not work out what it was - or where it fitted into the family tree. But the discovery of four new species in the Pacific has enabled scientists to conclude that this animal belongs to one of the earliest branches of life."

Check out the link or the video below and see what you can make of it.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Irish Rover

Well updates will be little spotty over the next few weeks as my computer PSU has died on me and it will take a few weeks to get a new one onto the island so everything  is getting done on the tablet. Not ideal.


Anyway, check out the footage of a new artificial reef being sunk (well it was sunk 21st November last year but the footage was just released). The Uribe 121, a former Mexican battleship (their term) was sunk 1.2 miles from the coast of Rosarito, Mexico. Enjoy.