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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Be good, be safe and look after everyone. Have a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year. See you in 2012!!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Fiona, Forty and Fabulous

Well Fi's offical birthday was on Wednesday night (even though she's been milking nights out, meals and spa days for most of the year). She achieved the grand old age of forty! She's special now and only a few more years till she gets a special bus pass too.
"If I surround myself with older looking people, I'll look younger.....simples!"
We had a nice night out with pizza and beer so it all went well. You're only forty once! Happy Birthday!
Nothing beyond 40 past this point!

 Regular diving updates resumed next week incase you've been missing them. Work has been getting in the way of things, but we will be heading out next Wednesday. 

I will be teaching mind you so dont expect a large amount of photos but I will have lots to write about should I survive. I know who the student is!!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Dives with Wolves: Article Update

Electronic version of my latest article is now live on Diver website. Enjoy!

Dives with Wolves

UW Housing for iPhone?!?

 "Our dive housing will allow anyone with an iPhone 4 or 4s to capture these precious and incredible moments that would otherwise be economically out of reach for this quality of HD video underwater. The alternatives to capture HD video at any depth below a kitchen sink run thousands to tens of thousands of dollars! Ken knows, he does it for a living. You can achieve the same results Hollywood spends millions to produce in the palm of your hand.

Now you have the power to capture your own underwater footage down to 100' in depth, and it can't get any easier! You have it right in your own pocket. Coupled with our Professional limited edition iPhone underwater housing code named "Blackwater" you’ll be making history!"

iPhone 4 UW Case

An interesting idea but I can 't see myself taking my phone undewater with me. I know I take a more expensive camera diving, but a phone just isn't quite right to me, I mean I get underwater to escape everything, I don't want people calling me during a dive! :-P

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Spirit (and other beverages)

Well it's that time of the year again where we all have to dress up in clown suits and pretend to like one another, or in other words the works christmas party.
"The names Bond....errrr no it's not"
It's great if you have the IQ of a four year old and do nothing but spend your life drinking and killing brain cells but it's not really my cup of tea. Still it would have been rude not to show face. 

We highjacked Brooklands raceway and Mercedes Benz World at Weybridge where most of my associates managed to drink far more than they're capable of handling before bringing it back up a few hours later. Lovely!
"Ok, can I get down now??"
They had a cirque du soleil type theme going on with fire eaters, acrobats, trapeze artists, live music, etc. All very nice and pretty with the main stage being opened up at the end of the night for people to stagger their way around to their favourite songs. Awesome.
Feeding time
The next morning it was like looking at a selection of used toilet paper soaked in gin and meths judging by the state of them.

Can't wait till next year! Woo!