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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Good day had by all...

Well the water temp is finally easing its way back up. A balmy 9 degrees centigrade today. Viz was downright poor though thanks to strong swell for most of the week. 2-4 metres if we were lucky. Still a good dive on Black Carr (never a bad dive on Black Carr as we always say) and a second jump onto Ebb Carr eventually ending up at Cathedral Rock at sunny St Abbs. 

Plenty of wolfish, lobsters edible crabs, nudibranchs everywhere, scorpion fish. Highlight was definately seeing the biggest lumpsucker ever in all my years diving St Abbs. Thing was close to 2 feet long. It was a monster. And a bugger to photograph due to the crap viz and its willingness to hide in the kelp! Mabs was on fire doing spotting duties. I have taught the young padawan well...

Hopefully the viz will pick up for next Saturday and the weather holds. Oh, and Elaine swears she saw a John Dory, but seeing as she never got a picture of it, it doesnt count. Tough luck dear!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Windy City

Another gusty day on the East, but on the bright side its blowing off shore so we should have a relatively decent days diving tomorrow. Back in the water with the new rig to fine tune the strobes after last weeks Egypt trip.

Hopefully should prove more productive now that the flash power adjust in the camera menu has been tweaked to up the strobe output. Never had to adjust it for the DS125's though. Strange. However, ours not to reason why! 

Not supposed to be too many on the second boat, so should be quiet with few kippers around. We shall see......

Anyway, heres a couple from Sharm last week. We got lucky is some respects, scalloped hammerhead at Ras Katy, whale shark at Jackfish Alley and Nudibranch porn at Temple! Go Nudibranchs! Whoo-hoo!

Naama Bay is still relatively dead just now given the turmoil in the rest of the country but it is starting to settle down and get back to normal. It's unusual to seeless than 2 day boats at the dive sites but that won't last forever!