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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Tom Sawyer

Well it's unusual to get a dive in on a day week day, but thanks to assistance of Mr Tom, that's precisely what we did, with a trip up the road to Lighthouse Point and and a double dive. Conditions where reasonable with a 7knt NW with some swell at the surface and a little surge down below (but I'm seeing a doctor about that......).

Anyway, we headed out to the main wall for a kick off and had a nice relaxing bimble, seeing what we could see with some lovely big horse eye jacks, shoals of tang, french angel fish and the occasional ray in the sand. Tom was kind enough to do double duty modelling and spotting the good stuff, so thank you Tom for looking so pretty in front of the camera!

Second dive was on and off the mini wall with a strong Northerly current picking up so it made getting the shots a little trickier and yes, I am still dialling in the diopter. The blennies and hermit crabs were very accommodating despite the increasing conditions.

Tom was also kind enough to sweet talk a spotted moray to pop out for a quick shot.

And then it was back to the blennies......

And a nice little christmas tree worm at the end before we got swept off down towards South Sound.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hot for teacher

Been a little slow on the updates the last couple of weeks purely because I've been teaching so the camera hasn't been in the water which has been torture as I've been dying to try out the new Nauticam SMC I got a couple of weeks back, so weather permitting, I'll be up at LHP next Sunday, hopefully getting some ultra macro shots.

I do miss the close up personal nature the 30mm macro lens gave me but the 90mm has a better working distance. I'm hoping the SMC will give the best of both worlds. Fingers crossed. Watch this space.

In the meantime please enjoy this video of a cat wearing a shark suit riding on a robot vacuum cleaner. Just because.