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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Still Game

They've let me loose on the contents page of the March edition of Sport Diver and on page 48 again, the fools, the poor mad deluded fools.........BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

You'll probably recognise it as the statue of Amphitrite from Sunset House with my faithful companion, Spot, who regularly accompanies me on dives there and frequently gets in front of the lens as well.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Sister Ray

It's that time of year again when friends, family and relatives are visiting and we make the pilgrimage once again to Stingray Sandbar to play with our adopted family. Conditions weren't bad this evening with a 10 knt. NE wind which made the conditions a little lumpy up top and a little turbid down below but we still had a nice time and the cat wasn't too crowded either.

It's always a pleasure to interact with these gentle creatures and it's even better to hear that the numbers are on the rise again after a decline over the last few years.

We got a little bit of video footage as well but not a lot as our resident camera woman was half asleep...........

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

People are strange

It's the end of an era, this is the final dive with the current line-up of the Divers World all-stars as Miss Leslie has moved on to pastures new to flourish, grow and do even more walrus impersonations. However I'm sure she will be able to take time out of her hectic (ha!) schedule to come and dive with us in the future.

Today was a brisk 27C in the water, which is about right for this time of year with a mild 10 knots Easterly. It wasn't too long a dive as Jill had National Trust duties to perform, so it was a shallow hunt for the little stuff.

Gobies and blennies were frolicking over the corals and hardpan, skipping gaily as the sun rose overhead, the dive boats starting their engines and pondering on what the day will bring.

There was also a little smattering of banded jawfish to greet dawn and us, the divers, as we wafted through the beautiful briny on the hunt for the elusive and evasive.

Jill and Leslie had a turtle to play with for about 20 minutes or so but I was off busy elsewhere playing with the little folk. Plenty of yellow spotted rays glided effortlessly over the golden sea of sand, like flags flying in a gentle breeze.

This also included the occasional tang who looked as though it had been through the wars but survived to tell the tale, a living reminder to all other fish that danger lurks at every corner (and other such dramatic statements).

The last few minutes of the safety stop were spent with a lovely old giant moray who was more than happy to share his personal space with my camera and I as we frittered and wasted the seconds in an offhand way, waiting for someone or something to show us the way.

Till the next time, dive safe as always.