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Sunday, 7 May 2017

The last time

This it. The last time. No more after this. Finished. Finito. The end. Done. No more.

Then we're packing our bags and going on holiday next week. Socorro and mantas here we come!

Anyway, back to this mornings diving which was about 8-10 knots ENE, relatively flat calm with decent viz below. Pretty exciting first dive as we saw a lot of big stuff withing the first eight minutes of heading out to the Nicholson and the main wall. First we had some green sea turtles, immediately followed by a Southern stingray (which I managed to get a crappy shot of), then a nurse shark swam right past the ray a few seconds later.

The Nicholson proved a reliable spot for a good shot or two and we had some reasonable light to play with.

We dived down the sand chute and hung a right at the main wall to my special little place I like which has some nice coral and sponge barrels. We also had the added bonus of a whacking great loggerhead that was sitting there, remora and barnacles and all. Didn't know if it was asleep or eating but I didn't want to disturb it so the photos are a bit lacking but you get the idea of size.

The second dive was a bit of fun, throwing up some lovely little fair basslets, which always remiNd me of Heath Ledger's Joker from the batman films. It must be the makeup they wear.......why so serious? :-)

Also some nice barber shrimp, blennies, juvenile needlenose and filefish. There was a fair bit of variety out there.

And of course we've got some obligatory video footage from the second dive from Jill with Brutus putting in a late appearance. Late to the party as usual.....

So thats it for now. Hopefully next time I'll have some pics of some big stuff to share from Mexico. Hasta la vista.