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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Dark Blue

Well I knew we had a small window to get in the water today but the conditions were still bad (by island standards anyway). Viz was variable at 14-18 metres with a strong NNW current pushing all sorts of particulate and crap through the water (as you can see from the photos), along with a massive surge in the shallows that made macro work a near impossibility.

However there is no such thing as a bad dive (although I know 633068 would disagree with me!) so we kitted up and got wet.
The sun comes up as we go down
With the current working against us, we pushed on out to the main wall and turned right to get some shots at one of my favourite little nooks, accompanied by our usual escort of snappers.
Snappers ahoy!
And more snappers!
 And we also had loads of turtles out sculling out on the main wall and the mini wall as well. You couldn't kick a fin without nearly hitting a turtle! I would have taken some video but I was having way too much fun getting some stills.
Turtle mania
And another one
 We drifted back down the main wall at around 32 before rounding the saddle for a final look into the blue. Not that there was much out there at the time but you never know what you might see.
Sponges, not soapy
We headed back to shallows and caught up with a nice big trumpet fish hanging around waiting to be photographed. Unfortunately I still had my wide angle on but you use what you got.
A fish, blowing its own trumpet
After a swap of cylinders and a quick surface interval we got back in and headed for the mini wall. Almost straight away I found a nice little bristle worm which I managed to get a shot of despite the severe buffeting from the surge.
Challenging but worth it
Thank goodness for digital cameras these days. I would have killed a roll of 35mm years ago just to get a single decent shot!

We had a couple more turtles cruise by as well a some massive shoals of grunts and sweetlips not to mention some epic sized hogfish. Peacock flounders were plentiful as well as being their usual belligerent selves when it comes to getting a picture taken.
"Yea, like I care...."
Checking around the sandy depressions at around 4 metres we found some lovely little lettuce leaf slugs as well. I love these things.
Love the slugs
With the surge getting worse and the bottom time fast approaching, we decided to call it a day and head on back to shore. The weather gets worse for the next few days but supposed to settle down for Tuesday so hopefully the crappy weather will settle down and we'll be in the water again come New Years Day. 

Until then, don't drink and dive (unless you like water with your whisky.....)
"Swim towards the light........."