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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

We got a small window in the weather today which allowed us to get in the water for some great diving. We only did the one dive so we kept the bottom time to 100 minutes.

Given that it's boxing day, festive time and all that jazz, it's fitting that the place was covered in all manner of christmas tree worms, with some really nice colours, some of which I'd never seen before.

Exhibit A.....

Exhibit B....

Exhibit C.....

And the last one features a nice pair of worms with a gobie hiding in the background
OK, festivities over, back to normal. Unfortunately there was no big stuff mooching around this morning as it was still relatively dark and it was a bit on the chilly side (27 C), so they were probably still in their beds having a morning coffee.

There was some nice big lobsters scuttling around the mini wall so they were more than happy to stop for a pose and a wave of their antennae to see us on our way. There was one or two morays around the corals as well but they were a bit skittish this morning.
Tiny little goldentail moray....
and a spotted moray
There were some nice big parrotfish and wrasse hanging out in the sand along with the garden eels, but we didn't head that way as I spotted something even better hiding under some anemone. It was a really nice diamond blennie. And the little bugger did not want to sit still at all. 

I got him in the end though, through patience, endurance and sheer bloody mindedness! Well worth it though as you don't see that many, so that made the dive for me.
 We had a slight Northerly current pushing back down the coast so we were more than happy to drift along with the snapper, groupers, soapfish and squirrelfish.
Squirrelfish, hiding his nuts for winter...
and a grouper just hanging out
And as always the end of the dive brings the obligatory additional bonus. In this case it was the fastest lettuce leaf slug I'd ever seen. i would have taken some video but I wouldn't have been able to track it quick enough. This thing was tearing across the sand like a race car. Maybe it was popping down to the corner shop to get the last pint of milk, who knows.
Fastest slug ever
The weather is forecast to turn pants again later today and stay that way for several days, but if we get lucky then we'll be jumping in again this week and hopefully do the traditional new years day dive weather permitting.

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