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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Message in a bottle

Mmmm... .I missed this one. Quite a novel twist on underwater communication using bone conduction without the requirement for a full face mask. Not guaranteed to reproduce speech 100% perfectly but intriguing none the less. 

I've used bone conduction comms at surface but this is the first time I've seen it put to practical use on a wide scale underwater, especially if it's at the right price.

I'm also surprised that it's from Casio. I always remember them for making calculators when I was a lad at school.

"Main Features
– Wireless communications enabled by ultrasound and bone conduction technologies
The Logosease employs an ultrasound range of 32 kilohertz to enable wireless communication between users within visual range underwater. Multiple divers can each wear a transceiver and enjoy conversing in a group. The microphone and speaker employ a bone conduction method, and the reception and transmission modes can be switched by lightly tapping the device once."

Link: HERE