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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Stop the turtle farming

The Ecologist have just released an update video on the turtle farm here on Cayman. If you haven't seen it, then please watch it and then click on the link to add your voice to the growing number of people who want the barbaric practice of turtle farming stopped.

Video: HERE

We've been trying for some time to keep pressure on the turtle farm to at the very least, care for the turtles in a decent and humane way in appropriate conditions but so far this has fallen on deaf ears, despite various independent reports highlighting the failings of the farm and the appalling conditions the turtles are kept in.

This is on top of the farm losing millions of dollars each year (7.9 million in 2011) as well as dumping pollutants into the ocean, so if you only do one good thing today, then sign the petition and put an end to the farce.

" Alongside the film and the campaign by the world society for the protection of animals, whose own damning report alleged overcrowding, disease, injury, poor husbandry conditions and a catalogue of other problems, some UK MPS have also filed a motion in the British parliament with the backing of some 65 members from across the political spectrum, calling for action on the WSPA findings."

Please visit the WSPA website HERE and add your voice to the thousands of others that want to put an end to the suffering of these wonderful creatures.

Please spread the word because we can't do this alone.