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Monday, 28 January 2013

A little's enough

Well gosh darn it, these Winter trade winds as really cramping my style. But never let it be said that we don't try. Lighthouse Point was borderline diveable this morning with a lot of surge but exceptional viz. 

As I had the macro lens back on, shooting was a continued challenge in the conditions but still managed to crank a few off. The secretary blennies were there for the shooting and it would have been rude to ignore them.
Conditions don't matter to this little fellow
Jeni reported that there were some juvenile frogfish sighted mid week by the engine block mooring at about 6 metres, but alas after a good old rummage around there was nothing to be found, then again they could easily have been off down the coast with conditions as they are.
Juvenile red stripe hermit crab clinging on to a zoanthid for dear life
The mini wall yielded very little today but large shoals of tangs, grunts and sweetlips were still to be found drifting among the coral heads. My favourite little diamond blenny was also conspicuous by it's absence today. Maybe he'll be back this weekend.
Spikefin blenny on a field of orange sponge
As we only opted for the one dive this morning we cut it short at 96 mins and ducked in amongst the cracks in the hardpan to complete the safety stop with minimal buffeting before bumping back up the dock ladder.
Red reef hermit crab
 Roll on this weekend and fingers crossed for no wind. Safe diving everyone!
"Why am I here?"