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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Gimme shelter

Well today was a complete wipeout, literally. I planned at getting some macro work done this morning as the weather reports were favourable but once we got to the dive site, it was a no go with the waves crashing over the dock. 

We went with our back up dive site, which is fantastic for wide angle but pants for macro work, but what can you do?
Vibrant christmas tree worm
The surge was very bad and we seemed to get bounced off of every rock on the East coat of the island. It's going to hurt tomorrow.....
Flamingo tongue cowrie with growth on it's back. Probably want to get that looked at.....
The larger shoals triggerfish, sweetlips, grunts and tangs were more than happy to mooch around and feed on everything being kicked up off the bottom but it was making it near impossible to get a half decent shot. 

A steady hand is the key to macro, not washing machine conditions, so I'm grateful I got the shots I did.
Rough head blenny, sensibly staying in its hole
Maybe next week will favour us with better conditions, we can only hope so because this winter weather is becoming a right old a*se-ache!
Saddled blenny looking for cover
Still, I could be diving in 3 degree water and driving snow right now if I'd stayed in Scotland so I'll just need to learn to take the rough with the smooth.
Nice bristle worm shot I managed to get whilst bouncing past off the rocks at 4 metres
As it's only about 3 weeks till we head to Belize, I'll just make do for now. It's a dirty job but someone has to do it.
And one final shot of a christmas tree worm to end the dive on