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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Taste of Cayman

Today was the yearly Taste of Cayman event which allows you to sample and vote on what some of the best restaurants and eateries on the island have to offer. We bagged and couple of tickets and went along to see what it was all about.
Welcome one and all
You get a bunch of vouchers upon entry and the food stalls charge you X amount of vouchers for one of their samples, so a burger could be 4 vouchers for example. 

But obviously they don't give you enough vouchers for all the stalls, otherwise you wouldn't go and buy some additional vouchers with your hard earned cash. Once you've eaten what you want you hand over wooden disk at your preferred stall with the winner at the end of the day having the most discs.
Nope, I didn't try any....
We tried four different stalls before we ran out of vouchers but that was enough for us. There were a few familiar faces like Cimboco/Chicken Chicken, Agave, Grey Goose and Seven Fathoms Rum not to mention quite a few names that were new to us.
Irvine and the crew dishing out the corn at the Agave Grill stall
 Live music was on the go on a couple of different stages and the Caban food stall had their own steelpan player who was an absolute demon so I had to grab a short video clip of him.
One of the bands getting their groove on

Jill ultimately gave her vote to the Seven Fathoms Rum stall because they make excellent rum and they were giving away swankys. If you've never had a swanky (and no it's not dirty so get your mind out of the gutter), it's a traditional Caymanian drink made from limes, native sour oranges and brown sugar not to mention the obligatory rum. 

It's as smooth as silk and goes down like easy, worth making your own if you never make it to the island.
"Rum swanky, so good you need two at the same time!"
Ultimately I gave my vote to Agave grill because I'm biased. They could have been serving dead rat on a stick for all I care but seeing as they have the best restaurant on the island (which also happens to be Mexican and we eat there all the time), I felt obliged to give them my endorsement.
It wouldn't be the Caymans without chicken of some description.....
And to round it all off there were the obligatory fireworks and loud explosions making the cats hide behind the toaster in the kitchen. The end to a perfect day.