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Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Surprise! Today was the flattest, calmest day out on the water I've seen on a long time, it was like a mill pond, absolutely fantastic. The boat moved like it was on rails which is strange because I couldn't figure out why there was still people on the boat puking all over the deck and the gunwales. If they know they're prone to hurling, take a preventative for goodness sake, we don't want to stepping over your vomit. Anyway, that aside, onto the diving!

And we're off!
Seeing as Captain Nige and Captain Nat were skivving and Captain Dave doesn't do weekends any more, it was up to Captain James to step once more unto the breach, dear friends.

South was the order of the day with our visit to Jack McKenneys for the first dive. Viz was pretty decent and as soon as we hit the water we had our visit from the ladies in grey. We had just got down to 30 metres and I had turned round to check Jill and a reef shark came swimming right up behind Jill, along side her and then swam in between us. And I didn't get the camera up in time for a shot.

Still, before we knew it, there was four new friends in the water with us for the entirety of the dive. We didn't bother moving. We just sat there and watch the sharks chasing each other and frolicking in the water like new born spring lambs. Hairless spring lambs. With no legs.

If it wasn't for the fast approaching NDL, we would have spent a lot longer with our new friends but I'm sure we'll be seeing them again soon. With a quick stop back at the dock to off-load another retching green faced land lubber, we headed just outside the cut to Snapper Hole for the second dive. Admittedly the viz was not great at this point however it was nice to bimble in the shallows and try and find some little stuff. With some nice little blennies and gobies, it was a nice way to finish off the days diving.

And some nice elysia crispata were hanging around as well, not to mention an awesome little red lipped blenny which stayed out long enough for me to take a picture.

Some big stuff was hanging around in the shape of french angel fish and loads of tarpons, but they weren't exactly the best subject for a macro lens but who cares when you're having fun!