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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Dance little sister

Hooray! Decent weather and reasonable conditions allowed us to get in at LHP, the first time in a few weeks because the weather has really had it in for us recently. Fine through the week, but come the weekend, it all goes pear shaped. Today was about 12-15 knots ENE, overcast, with 2-3 foot swells and a healthy does of surge in the shallows, but it's better than a finger in a wolfies hole! (old St Abbs joke).

It was all about the small things today and right of the bat we had a great selection of nudis, gobies and blennies. I can photograph these things all day every day. And I do!

We had an occasional barracuda cruise by not to mention a three flippered turtle, but the little fellow was a bit too far away for the macro lens. I didn't see how it had lost it back right flipper but it didn't look to be in any distress and managing quite well.

There were also some fine examples of flamingo tongue cowries out today, far better than some of the recent examples I've been seeing.

You can really spoilt for choice with the little stuff at this dive site and low and slow is definitely the order of the day if you want to get the best macro experience on the hard pan. No seahorses today though, but to be honest, I wasn't particularly looking for them so so much other stuff to see.

And the last little surprise at the end of the dive was a nice little banded jawfish who really didn't mind me getting up close and personal with him which was a nice way to round out the day. Hopefully the weather will be more consistent at the weekend's going forward. So many things to see and so little time........