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Friday, 28 February 2014

The Exosuit

We're getting one step closer to longer, deeper, safer dives as individuals. How long will it be before we see something lighter, thinner and cheaper than this used in everyday diving? 10 Years maybe? or will we still all be on traditional open circuit like we are now? Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

Link: HERE

"The only diving suit that lets a human reach 1,000 feet underwater was put on display at the American Museum of Natural History on Thursday. Dubbed the "Exosuit," the system lets humans dive to regions where bioluminescent fish lurk in the darkness, with the goal of studying the fish and their environments more closely, as well as leveraging their biology for medical research."

"Not only will the suit allow divers to see and potentially capture fish more safely, they will also get to image them with cameras in their natural habitat. The deep ocean is naturally hostile to humans, and therefore scientists know relatively little about it. Sparks noted that the suit will also let researchers gather more information about how creatures at those depths speciate and diversify, a process that's not currently well-known."