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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Dream a little dream of me

Well today the wind was minimal the surface had a few lumps in it and we had the opportunity to head Northward. To add the icing on the cake, we asked to jump in on Dreamweaver and our wish was granted.

And we're off!!
We don't get a chance to go North that often and even less opportunity to dive Dreamweaver so it was nice to reacquaint ourselves with such a spectacular dive site. The only downside was the boat was packed from bow to stern and half of the divers were lionfish hunters.

Now this isn't normally a problem but these morons had no regard for anyone's safety topside or in the water as they were quite happy to wave and wave their spears all over the place. I swear the DoE only issues spears to those individuals who prove how big and stupid a muppet they are. I wouldn't trust them with a crayon in their hands let alone a sharp object.

On the plus side, we dived completely separate from everyone else so we only had to put up with their asinine antics on the boat, were we stayed at the stern and well away from them.

Muppets aside, Dreamweaver lives up to it's name by providing some of the best wall diving anywhere this side of the Bloody Bay Wall.

Amazing coral formations
The wall tumbles of into the depths and intricate crenelations hide a wealth of marine life as well as stunning hard and soft coral formations with an embarrassment of rope sponges. Unfortunately the eagle rays weren't out to escort us today but we had quite a few turtle encounters which made up for it.

Teenage non mutant hero turtle!
More turtle action. What a Dream(weaver).
Be warned though as it is a deep site and the mooring point is set well back from the wall so excellent navigation is a must if you don't want to get turned around. If in doubt, follow a guide.

Vibrant colours abound at this site.
After surviving the spear waving mob during the surface interval, we headed out the Roberts Wall which is another wall dive on the the North side but you have the option of heading South from the mooring point to swim round some nice coral islands at around 16 metres but do watch your NDL, especially after a deep dive like Dreamweaver if you want to maximise your bottom time on this site. There's a lot of nice macro life to see with some great blennies and gobies to try and find in amongst all the sponges and fans.

Of course it wouldn't be a dive without being shadowed by a herd of snappers. Wherever you go, there they are. I swear it's the same snappers that and they followed us all the way from Lighthouse Point...... Anyway, back to the dive where there was a fine collection Red-ridged crabs hiding in some of the nooks and crannies but they just wouldn't be tempted out of their holes, more's the pity.

And for the next picture, spot the fish! No prizes mind you........

Look very carefully. Blink and you'll miss it.
Make sure you check the sponges as well because there will be nudi's, unfortunately I couldn't get the rig under and up to get a shot of the gold line sea goddess (no, not you, 633068, the other sea goddess!). But always check on top and you'll more than likely you'll find the runner up prize.

No nudibranch but better than nothing.
And one of the best parts of the diving this morning? Stopping off for coffee and cheesecake to recharge the old battery cells after racking up the bottom time.

Just for the record, the double slice of blueberry cake isn't mine.....
Tune in next week as we head over to the East End for some more high seas adventure with our good friends from Tortuga Divers, until then, safe diving everyone!