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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Palm tree kind of day

With the crappy weather finally abating somewhat, we finally got back in the water after a couple of weeks dry. Conditions still weren't great with an 8 knot easterly and a strong Southerly current but definitely divable.

The currents did prove useful for bringing the turtles out to play on the main wall and there were a good handful of them cruising around.

And our good friend Mr Green Moray came out to say hello as well.

Mr Moray pops out to chase the kids off his garden.....
 There was a healthy selection of fusiliers, tangs, angel fish, triggers, pipefish, snappers, hogfish and groupers mooching around as well, which always make for a good photo or two.

A nice big hogfish trying to get away from the camera
We also had a lone stingray cruising out over the sand but he really didn't want to play this morning, which was a shame.

"Come back! You're going the wrong way!!"
Still our faithful snapper, Spot, posed for some shots for us which was jolly decent of him. Thanks Spot!

Good old dependable Spot. He's always good for a shot or two.
We got in amongst some nice big shoals of sweetlips hanging off the mini wall as well which added some throw away shots onto the SD card for article fillers at a later date.

Put your sweetlips a little closer to the phone (for all you Jim Reeves fans out there)
We did have a really good scour around in the shallows on the hard pan for the small stuff as well but the increasing swell was making macro shots a little challenging not to mention the lack of co-operative subjects, but I did find a really nice lettuce leaf slug, which decided to turn it's back on me in a huff. Was it something I said?

There were also some nice little arrow crabs handing onto the sponges and corals for grim death as well.

And last but by no means least, the obligatory juvenile blenny shot, just for good measure. I love these little fellows.

"Say cheese!"