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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lizard Love

I've seen a few strange things over the years working in the dive industry, this is one of the better ones. We got a brace of full face masks dropped into the store for their annual service.

As we were working on them, we thought we had spotted a crack in the front panel of one of them. But no, it turns out it was a baby gecko. And it was still alive and healthy.

As we were investigating further, we all so found the remains of it's shell that it had hatched from.

We had a fair old struggle trying to evict it from the only home it's ever known, but we couldn't let it stay there and risk accidental inhalation from the next person to use the mask.

We christened him Bob and stuck him in a mask box where we took it out to the bushes and safely returned him to the wild to live out the remainder of his days with his brethren.

So remember, it pays to check your gear regularly because you never know if a gecko as snuck in to lay some eggs in it and hatch some baby geckos.

Thanks to Rob for donating his hands for the photographs.