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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ride the Lightning

Poor old Des. What are the odds?. This is one of our partners in crime from Ocean Frontiers along at the East End. He's going to get such a ribbing when I catch up with him......

Des "Disaster" Duffield more like. Nae luck, fella.
"A local dive instructor has defied some of the highest odds when it comes to natural phenomena after his home was struck by lightning twice in the same week, the local television news channel reports. While lightning does strike twice, it doesn’t do it very often as the odds of it happening are said to be 360 billion to one, but with Cayman experiencing a significant number of electrical storms, Des Duffield ‘beat’ those odds."

"He told Cayman27 he could not believe his home was hit twice in seven days. Duffield had just replaced his electrical equipment damaged in the first strike last week when he was hit for the second time on Monday in the latest electrical storm."