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Monday, 3 September 2012

Any colour you like

What a great weekend, the sea was flat calm, only about 3 knots NE wind at the surface, it was a divers delight. We were so long underwater my hand was actually covered in blisters from carrying/handling by rig. It was well worth it though. Turtles, rays, cuttlefish, loads to see and do, so much to photograph.
All the chicks love diving on Nitrox......
The angelfish and groupers were particularly friendly today, sometimes to the detriment of the shot. But I'll not begrudge them wanting to play with us. They can get a little too inquisitive in front of the camera though, the amount of shots I've deleted because they were nuzzling the port or nibbling the strobes. As long as they don't literally start making love to the camera though!
Say cheese
The main wall proved to ideal for some shots with the bigger stuff as it cruised by to do whatever it is that the bigger stuff does at the weekend. Shopping?
Turtles were out in force today
Hitting the water at this time of the morning is ideal as there is no one else about, the ocean is your playground and you've got first dibs on the roundabout.
A gray angelfish wreck-ing the shot. Ho-ho. See what I did there?
Quite a few barracuda out and about too with a particularly monstrous specimen stalking us for most of our bottom time. He wasn't interested in getting close for a shot though, which was a pity. Next time.
Lobsters, avoiders of pots and masters of scuttling backwards very fast
The mini wall proved to be equally as bountiful for photographic opportunities with triggerfish, grunts, snappers and sergeant majors getting all broody and territorial.
More fish than you can shake a stick at. A fish stick if you will.
And even more turtles were scouring the wall for grub with the occasional fly-by from southern stingrays. You can tell they are southern stingrays by the confederate flag sticker on their bumpers.......
"Do you mind?"

Plenty of flamingo tongue cowries out and about with a particularly nice example of mother and kids out for the day.
Four for the price of one. Bargain.
With a bit of hard searching and checking under every ledge and in every nook and cranny, drumfish were also to be found darting hither and thither.

Typical drumfish, always banging on about something.......
And made a very nice find of a juvenile file fish snugged up in the crook of a piece of coral, which was a pain to get a shot of as it wouldn't stay still. Got it in the end though.
Blink and you'd miss it.
If we're lucky, next week we'll get some boat diving in as typically September is a slow month for tourists, so there should be plenty spots on the boat. We'll know closer to the day. Onwards to some more diving!