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Friday, 24 August 2012

Finding Nemo

Look no further, Nemo has been found. Nemo 33 to be precise. This has been bubbling on the surface for a while (pun intended), and would be a fantastic experience to try. 

"The Nemo 33 is a 2,500,000 liter multi-level swimming pool filled with chlorine-free, potable spring water heated to a cozy 86 degrees F. The pool structure flattens out at depths of 5 and 10 meters to feature simulated underwater caves. Dry visitors are afforded port holes at both these depths to explore the terrain before they dive."

" ...the only accident to occur in Nemo 33 happened when a Belgian Special Forces member punctured both his lungs after failing to observe the prescribed ascent rate"  Ouch.

I couldn't imagine going there every weekend for a dive. Too much like going to Guildy or Stoney. One visit and you've seen it all. Plus I think the pee factor here would be quite high....

Link: NEMO 33
Look out below!
The video clip is entertaining as well, just purely from the fact that the diver sounds like he's running a marathon underwater. His SAC rate has to be through the roof.

If anyone's been here, let me know what you thought....