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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Stormy Weather

Well we got lucky with tropical storm Isaac passing us by with a whisker to spare. They reckon it will become a hurricane by later today and I pity the poor blighters stuck in it's path.

Looking at the weather reports, we took a chance and hit Lighthouse Point this morning but it wasn't to be. The shore line is still suffering the tidal after effects of Isaac's passing with big rollers pounding the hardpan. no way shore diving is happening with swell like that.
All the decking lifted to make sure it doesn't head out to sea
There is still boat diving taking place at some locations assuming that the boats can get tied up safely put it's going to be full on rock and roll getting through the cut to open water. I hope nobody has had a big breakfast......
West Bay shoreline gets a good scrubbing
Never mind, next weekend, there's always another day for another dive, onwards to the cocktails!