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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Wish you were here

My, what an interesting day we had. Forecast for light W/SW and rain, we should have had good conditions for the day. And how wrong we were! Conditions at the surface off shore were actually fine, with shallows being a bit lumpy. Underwater was a different kettle of fish.
And the next wave over the harbour wall swept Elaine out to sea.....

 As soon as we jumped in on the the Horn, a wall of particulate hit us and we rapidly started losing light with pitch black creeping in just after 9m. and from there on in we were diving on touch alone. The bottom came up at 22.9m. and the Horn was no where in sight. We were lucky if we had 6 inches of vis despite the combined lighting of our rigs. 
"Seriously? This is the best picture you could take?"
After about 10 minutes of playing about in the dark we decided that the risk of damaging the rigs on rocks we couldnt see was really not worth it so we headed back up. Experience and practise pays off I can assure you because having to deploy an SMB by touch is an exacting science. I could have easily stuck my reg up Elaine and accidentally inflated her up to the surface instead!
The Horn, yesterday, less than a foot away
Still at least we got 19 minutes of entertainment out of yesterday, so it wasn't completely wasted, not to mention a bacon buttie at the cafe.I can honetly say ths has been the worst I have ever seen it at St Abbs in all the years diving there, and I've dived in some muddy puddles in my time, I can assure you. 

Not to worry though, we'll be back there with a vengeance in two weeks time, weather permitting, once we get my intermediate powerboating course out of the way.