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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Grey Day and Octopi

Well considering that it was scortching sunshine most of the wekk, it was a bit of shame for it not ot last till today. Still, a dives a dive, isn't it? Quiet boat with only six bodies on board so that was nice.
A bit yucky but still a good day
And the car park was pretty quiet too so we didn't have to fight the visitors for space.A good first dive on Skellies, with only a little detour to drop jill back off at the surface at mid-point. Still colours and marine life in abundance even at this late stage of the year, but that's one of the great things about St Abbs, you're pretty much guaranteed the marine life and scenery all year round. With heavy rain and cloud cover, it was dark at the bottom but we still had decent vis and 13 degrees in the water.

Edible crab, soft coral, nice picture
As usual, lobsters were out in force with most of them easily evading the multitude of pots put out for them, edible crabs, prawns, ling, pollack, wrasse, nudibranchs. Grandfather lobster was in his usual place as well and as usual the cantankerous old bugger was not for coming out. One day......

Grandfather lobster. Miserable old b*stard!
With a West bound current moving at a fair rate of knots, there was a good opportunity for a good old drift over the gullies once popping out and drift we did, right through some huge shoals of pollock. Hitting the entrance to Skellies Hole, I popped up over one of the boulders and nearly got head butted by a wrasse. I don't know who was more surprised, me or him!

Collision imminent! Hard to starboard!
 With a little bimble straight into the Hole, if was a peaceful place out of the current to nail the safety stop and get back on the boat.
Elaine enjoys her 'tween dive earl grey muck.....
 The rain eventually let off as we were about to get back in for the second dive and the sun almost but not quite made and appearance. Just a shame that the vis had got even worse for the seconf dive on Black Carr. Still, you know what they say, never a bad dive on Black Carr. And again the Carr did not let us down with wolfies, prawns and and nice little octopus sitting on a rock in one of the swim throughs.

Armed but not so dangerous
Elaine claimed she saw the octpus but she was right over the top of it before I signalled to get her attention. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt I suppose. 
The Black Carr prawn chorus. And a 1....2.....3.....4.......
 Never ever, ever do I get bored with the swim throughs on the Carr. Doesn't matter how many times I dive it, there are so many nooks and crannies to get in, on, over and under and every dive there just keeps getting better and better.
"What octopus? Where?"
 With a bit of luck, the vis should be better next weekend which would be nice seeing as I'm down there the whole weekend. Fingers crossed, but you know what mother nature is like. She probably drinks earl grey tea as well......