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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The village green preservation society

Reef, fish and perfect deep blue as far as the eye can see. The conditions were perfect at Lighthouse Point and I never like to miss a macro opportunity when I'm here. Everyone knows this is my go to place for the small stuff, but today was a pleasant surprise given the bigger stuff that was hanging around, namely a crap load of turtles.

And I got some decent video of my turtle having a nosh on the sponge whilst Jill was off filming another turtle cruising over the mini wall. It was a busy morning.

Lots of cleaner stations were also busy with everyone trying to look their best to impress for the weekend. They must know something we don't.......

 Some lovely gobies and blennies took some time to stop for the camera as well, which was appreciated. I love these little fellas as they have such a wide range of expressions and because their a good challenge to get extreme macro shots of.

That's all for this one today, nice and short. I'll have some East End diving posted soon is anyone is interested. Mostly trying to get organised for Soccorro in several weeks time. Looking forward to that one. Been a while since I was off island.