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Sunday, 19 March 2017

You never can tell

A few days behind in posting this update but better late than never. A nice double dive with pretty good viz and a slight Southerly current. We had a nice swim out from the shallows to the Nicholson accompanied by one of the regular denizens of the deep before she peeled off to do her own thing.

As soon as we got to the Nicholson, Brutus showed up which is unusual as Spot is normally the first to make an appearance but no complaints here as Brutus is always equally happy to pose for us. Say "gorgonzola!"

The Nicholson is a pretty small wreck compared to all the others we've gotten into over the years, but the coral and sponges are so prevalent here along with the marine life, it's always such a pleasure to shoot here.

The main wall was showing a little bit of wear and tear as there was damage to quite a few of the more prominent rope sponge formations, either broken or missing completely. Don't know if this is due to the strong Westerly we had last week or careless individuals but it's a bit of a sad sight to see and very obvious is you dive the same spot a lot.

Happy to report that Spot did join us on the return leg from the wall but Brutus was still dominating the spotlight and continued to do so all through the second dive as well. He's such a prima donna............

Dive two turned up some wonderful little rough head blennies hiding in amongst the hard corals. You know I love my blennies........

Also found a nice trunk fish at a cleaning station getting a Sunday morning wax and shine. Don't forget to do under the pectoral fins!

And I had a nice game of hide and seek with a lovely little juvenile slender filefish who was practising his camouflage techniques. Peek-a-boo, I see you!

The weather is being a real bugbear just now but hopefully if the weather stays as forecast for next Sunday we'll finally get to go East at long last! And about time as it's been too long since we've jumped off a perfectly good boat.........fingers crossed.