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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Sunday morning coming down

Just one dive this morning as we had a very small window in the weather. 10 hours previously the water had been crashing over the waterfront due to a strong Northerly wind. The viz still wasn't great but why waste the opportunity to go for a dive. 

The first half of the dive was relatively uneventful marine life wise as I thought Spot and Brutus would have been out to visit us as usual, but no, they weren't around. We stopped off at the Nicholson for a shot or two with Miss Leslie doing modelling duties whilst Jill messed around doing some video stuff.

We proceeded out to the sand chute and bumped into a southern stingray coming up as we were going down. No shots unfortunately as it took off at 90 degrees as soon as it saw us. Was it something I said?

The main wall came up trumps with a plethora of goodies, including turtles and nurse sharks. I saw the turtles but missed the nurse shark which apparently swam right underneath me whilst I was taking pictures of the turtle. Sometimes it pays to have 360 vision apparently..........

With deco time fast approaching, we moved back to the shallows when Spot and Brutus decided to join us. They must have decided to have a some extra time in bed this morning. They brought one of their french angelfish friends along with them who was more than happy to hang around the lens for a few shots.

And I have no idea who these pair are but they ruined a perfectly good photo!! 

And if anyone is interested in seeing the video shot by Jill of the dive, I've put it below. IF you have problems watching it in your browser, you can always watch it direct on Youtube. Nurse shark making a break for it at around the 2:30 mark. 

The weather is still supposed to be a bit hist and miss the rest fo the week but hopefully we'll get back in the water a time or two over the Easter weekend.

Video link: HERE