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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Lost Sailor

About 500 years after it sank to the bottom of the Arabian Sea, researchers believe they’ve found the Esmerelda, a ship that was in Vasco da Gama’s fleet during his second voyage to India. The excavation has so far yielded over 2,800 artifacts. It will be a while yet before the sea gives up all of it's secrets...........

Link: HERE

 "The oldest shipwreck from Europe's Golden Age of Exploration has been found off the coast of Oman, the country's Ministry of Heritage and Culture announced on Tuesday. The wreck is believed to be that of the Esmeralda, which was part of a fleet led by legendary Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama during his second voyage to India (1502-1503)."

 "Mearns' team spent six months researching Portuguese archives to zero in on potential locations for the Esmeralda and the São Pedro before locating the wreck site in 1998, the 500th anniversary of da Gama's discovery of the Carreira da India."