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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Good Ship Venus

The weather just keeps on getting better now with Winter on the wain, which makes for happy divers and even happier photographers. We opted this morning to visit a standby shore dive just up the road from us, as well as having the pleasure of a couple of friends joining us for dive number one.  Tanja was quick to spot the first turtle hanging around in the shallows immediately making it out through the cut.

After that, first port of call on the way out to the main wall was a stop at the Nicholson to get some shots with Lumpy, Spot and the rest of the boys that always hang around there.

And very accomodating they were too with some additional friends joining us as time went on including some more turtles skirting round the edges of the camera lens.

With plenty of time left, we moved on out to the main wall and to enjoy the spectacular scenery and play with more turtles not to mention a crusing nurse shark which was just little bit further than my lens would allow for, but still a pleasure to watch.

 Final stop of the tour was a quick candid shot with Amphitrite, unfortunately some hoolidan divers got in the way! Hooligans......

Second dive was all about the macro and I'm starting to get a feel for the new lens but still a few situations where I wish the there was the ability to disable the lens OSS and let the body IBIS take full control which would be nice for those instances where the conditions are less than favourable. 

Anyway straight ou tthe gate we made some new friends with some squid that accompanied us for most of the dive, one of which took a particular shine to me, whom I dubbed "Squid Vicious".

So myself and Squid Visious spent the rest of the dive hunting down the small stuff which included some lovely little gaudy clown crabs and star eyed hermit crabs which proved to be very photoegenic and even Squid Vicious approved by giving me the tentacle up.

Some great little needle nose puffers along with some shy little mantis shrimp was a nice way to top off the end of the dive. With a wave of the tentacle and squirt of ink, we said goodbye to Squid Vicious and headed back to dry land.