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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Little miss strange

These creatures, found around the Galapagos, are so weird that the scientists filming them don’t even know what some of them are. This is film from the Exploration Vessel Nautilus, a vessel dedicated primarily to exploration, and incidentally to showing us footage of some of the strangest creatures on the planet. 

This video was taken near hydrothermal vents, which are notorious for nurturing the kind of life that scientists think is impossible until they discover it. The last creature, which the researchers do identify, is the flamboyant squid worm, and was only discovered in 2007. 

They talk about it being both “benthic” and “pelagic” means that it has characteristics that make it both near the bottom of a body of water, and in the open center of the water, neither near the shore nor near the bottom

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