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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Hello there (ladies and gentlemen)

Well I know it's been several long weeks with getting wet, due in part to work, but mostly in part due to Jill's hair (don't ask). But we made it back in the water at our favourite shore dive, Divetech's LHP.

7.30am, perfect conditions
The conditions were perfect, no current, no surge and great viz. To top it all the water was teeming with fish. I have never seen that amount of marine life hanging around here before, the water was so thick with fish I nearly had to break out the compass just to find my way back to shore. 

Huge shoals of fusiliers, tang and parrot fish cruising overhead in the shallows at 6 metres, some epics examples of barracuda and burrfish milling around on the hardpan and the mini wall. Superb. 

I was on the hunt for the little stuff as usual and spent the bulk of my time on the hardpan looking for the gobies and blennies and wasn't disappointed.

There were some epic sized banded jawfish around the 5 metre mark but with my 30mm ultra macro, it's tricking sneaking up on them. Oh how I wish they had a prot ready for my 90mm macro. Soon though......

God opportunity to get some of the usual suspects like christmas tree worms and flamingo tongue cowries, of which there were plenty to shoot and easy enough given the conditions.

Surprisingly, there was a complete lack nudis to hunt this dive around, but I put that down to the variety and multitude of other marine life to look at so my excuse was that I was easily distracted. Honest. I did find some nice adult and juvenile orange saddled blennies though and I was more than happy with that.

Scuba cat, Ginger impatiently waits for us to get in the water so it can go back to doing important things, like licking it's bum
So the new camera is here, I have all the lenses that I need, it's now just a waiting game for Nauticam to make a small modification to the existing A7II housing to accommodate the slightly taller mode dial on the A7RII body and thats it. So that could take a week or a couple of months. 

Hopefully sooner rather than later but in the mean time here's a couple of shots from messing around in the back garden. Still getting to grips with the controls and settings given that I've been so used to shooting with a particular camera for the last 5 years. I'll get better........