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Sunday, 23 August 2015

La Grange

Getting ready for another day at the office........
Flat calm. No wind. No current. No distractions. The perfect day for diving. No sharks either mind you but I had a gut feeling that they weren't going to come around but we went to Split Rock anyway and had a nice little bimble on the wall with Captain Nat, Sarah and Mark.

We've gotten lucky the last few weekends with the conditions and we've had no ill effects from Hurricane Danny so far either but they reckon he's going to be a non starter as he's rapidly diminishing now. as he makes his way towards Puerto Rico.

Snapper hole was next on the list for dive number two and I'm embarresed to say I didn't find one nudibranch today which is totally unlike me, so apologies about that. I found some nice blennies if that helps......

Snapper Hole is loaded with swimthoughs andsuck but not really good if your a macro shooter so your better off staying up top and checking the corals and hard pan thoroughly just to make sure you don't miss anything because there is some nice stuff to be found if you really scour the place. Like some nice juvenile scrawled filefish and needlenose puffer fish hanging ou tin the nooks and crannies.

And the last one was a throw away shot due to the massive shoals and the small macro lens. It was never going to happen but I like to try anyway. Can't have your cake and eat it.......

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