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Tuesday, 13 January 2015


The weather forecast called it right and we didn't expect anything less with about a 20 knot ENE, strong swells at the surface and strong surges underwater but that's what makes things fun after all, doesn't it? The majority of the boat was filled with "locals" today and mostly dysfunctional with it as well but nuff said about that, that's a cross that Nice, Nat, Ian and April had to bare.

We ended up at the the Maze on the South side to try and get some shots in but several factors were against us which curtailed that idea pretty quick. We did get one shark come in for a look but it wasn't interested in getting too close given the amount of noise and flailing bodies that were in the vicinity.

The scenery wasn't the greatest ever but then again, you come here for the encounters with the big stuff rather than picturesque seascape, that's what the North side is for. But if you like swim throughs, there's a few here on the top of the wall that you can worm your way through before you appear out over the deep. Not advisable for people with big camera rigs or wide wetsuits though.......

Spot the trumpetfish.......

Give the sea state, we didn't go to far before mooring up at Old Isaacs for dive number two which I had never done before. The surge proved challenging as you would expected but I was delighted to find some nice little critters here, with plenty of blennies and gobies hiding out amongst the hard corals.

Several varieties of crustaceans were scuttling about as well, neck crabs, channel crabs, lobsters but not all of them wanted to be co-operative but there were some very nice hermit crabs to be seen.

Watch out, he's got a mean right hook!
Of course the big delight of the day was finding my favourites little critters, the nudbranchs. In this case a diminutive juvenile elysia crispata and and even smaller painted elysia. I think that more than makes up for everything else.

We plan to go seahorse hunting next weekend so if you're lucky we might have somehting interesting to show you. Fingers crossed!