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Sunday, 4 January 2015


Well we did try to get in at LHP this morning but the dock was lifted and the waves were crashing over the shore, so it was with a heavy BCD that we turned the car around and headed home.

On the spur of the moment we decided to stop at Sunset House as it was nearly a year to the day since we had last been there. Just as well we did I suppose as the light and the conditions were just right. With a 7 knot Easterly wind, 28c in the water and a mild Northerly current, what more could you ask for.

Life through the dome port. Getting ready to go under with the sun just on the rise.
I resisted the urge to take some shots of Amphitrite on the way past as I think I've got the best of her on previous dives. But we did stop off at the Nicholson as it's such a treasure trove for scenery and marine live. As soon as we got there, we were immediately swarmed by snappers, groupers, angel fish and fusiliers. They knew we were coming and they just decided to ambush us all at the same time!

This big old boy was our constant companion through the dive.........
He loved the attention!

With our bottom time slowly ticking away, we played pied piper to the snappers as we led them onto the main wall to have some more fun in the deep amongst the rope and barrel sponges.

A barrel (sponge) of fish?

Right place, right time, right lighting and a whole heap of luck to get a nice shot.
We did miss the usual array of turltes that normally hang around over the transition but I'm sure they were out there somewhere. The lobsters were certainly out and about this morning, they didn't mind sitting in front of the camera.

After a quick swap of the lenses and a brief S.I., we were back in the water for round two and on the hunt for the small stuff. The site has always been good for gobies and blennies and today was no exception with the little fellas running wild all over the place.

Not to mention a nice spotted drum which Jill found hiding under a rock. Sadly though I failed to find any nudi's on this outing. My powers of observation have temporarily deserted me this weekend.

But I did see a nice little juvenile slender filefish so I wasn't sompletely blind!

It was a great morning out, not only for the marine life but for us as well. Hopefully next Sunday will be just as nice if you care to join us by throwing yourself off a perfectly good boat over on the East side of the island. Till then, dive safe.

Obligatory post dive white russian........
whilst watching people fall in the water. All good fun.