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Monday, 4 March 2013

Swimming with spacemen

This is a pretty fascinating, not to mention spectacular article on Ars Technica about the role of the safety divers and their interaction with NASA simulated zero G training in the confines of a 6.2 million gallon water tank. This would be an awesome job!

"The safety divers operate with a standard "nitrox" mixture of 46 percent oxygen and 54 percent nitrogen, and the depth of the NBL coupled with their typical dive time means that decompression rarely poses a problem. Peterman was quick to point out that while the divers almost never need decompression time, there's always the possibility of other problems—such as a gas embolism—that require a hyperbaric chamber to treat. In the NBL's history, no major dive incidents have required use of the chamber to stave off decompression-related problems. Regardless, a full-time medical staff works on-site."

The closest I've ever come is to playing safety diver to a bunch of standard dress divers in a near freezing water tank in North Yorkshire. No contest really.......

Link: HERE

Yes, yes I would do this job.