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Friday, 1 March 2013

Seasons in the abyss

Well we have a strong NW due to roll over the island later today which will generally mess everything up for the weekend, so that's diving pretty much down the poop chute for us.

However an interesting article did pop up in the local rag about our very own abyss which I found pretty interesting, with discovery of some new species of marine life and some amazing video footage as well, you will not believe the amount of shrimp, it's like a living blanket of critters.

"Chief scientist for the expedition of the United Kingdom’s National Oceanography Centre, Jon Copley, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he believes laboratory analysis in the coming months will reveal some new life forms that have evolved in the pitch-black vent areas of the Cayman Trough."

“From body form alone, I am confident that we have found several new species on this expedition: probably a new species of sea anemone, a few species of bristle worms and some small crustaceans,” Mr. Copley said."

Who knew we had the worlds deepest volcanic vents right on our doorstep?

Link: HERE