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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Finding your way back

How's this for a stroke of luck? Six years after losing a camera underwater in Maui, it gets found in Taiwan and returned. I can only hope that if ever I lose my rig that it would survive and someone return it to me. But knowing the thieving scumbags on this island, that would never happen!

Link: HERE

"After a camera lost on Maui nearly six years ago ended up in Taiwan, it didn't take long for Hawaii News Now to track down its owner."

"The Canon PowerShot was in a waterproof case and it drifted thousands of miles to Taiwan. A China Airlines employee discovered the camera on a beach last month. The airline asked Hawaii News Now to help find the owner seen in many of the pictures. Once the story hit the airwaves and the internet, Scallan's friend sent her a link."