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Friday, 9 November 2012

The winner takes it all

The Cayman Islands Tourism Association held the eighth annual photo contest last night and it was a packed affair with films and talks.

The main event however was the judging of the photos in five different categories. These are photos taken in the Cayman waters and the competition is open to pros and amateurs alike.

Some of the shots were superb and richly deserving of their wins. Congratulations to all.

I got first place in Scenic category, second place in the Wreck category and Best in show, which I'm quite shocked/pleased at.

So I win a load of goodies and a weeks liveaboard with the Aggressor fleet in Belize for my troubles. 

Occasionally, just occasionally, it's good to be me.

All photos: HERE

Results here: HERE

To the victor, the spoils