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Monday, 5 November 2012

Life in the fast lane

Thunderstorms, rain, high winds, you name it, we've had the last few days, but it was still good enough to allow us to get wet. Despite the pretty strong Northerly current we had some excellent diving.
Snappers love the camera
As we always turn up at opening time to avoid the tourists, we had the whole place to ourselves which gave us some quality time out on the drop off to enjoy the awesome sponge and coral formations.
Like fish in a barrel (sponge)
As we were lacking the sunlight, shooting underwater was a little bit trickier today but nothing a change of F-stop and some strobes couldn't cure!
"Chin up!"
Unfortunately, the seahorses were elusive again today but given the current I wouldn't be surprised it they were half way to Cuba by now. Lets hope their little tails were up the the challenge of hanging on to something.
So many textures and colours to enjoy on a dive
There were a few turtles gliding around and as usual the current didn't phase them one bit. Quite a few less octopus this weekend as well. Spotted three today but that's a lot less that two weeks ago. Maybe gone on holiday or something.
Aquatic stand off between snapper and turtle
Macro shots were especially challenging as you really had to hunker down on the bottom or behind something and make yourself as streamline as possible to avoid the dreaded blurs.
Nice little jawfish staying out of the current
A few morays and lobsters were out for a brief exploratory but I don't think they were overjoyed with the conditions.
"Maybe when the weathers nicer....."
We drifted (or flew back to be more accurate) back to the jetty and got ourselves sorted out. By this time the punters had started arriving with all their twinsets, wings,kit dangling off them everywhere, etc, etc. and making a racket as usual. 

As we were packing up, they were getting in the water only to come back up a couple of minute later complaining about the current and how horrible the conditions were and that they were going to go somewhere else.

They certainly don't make divers like they used to, that's for sure.
Porcupine fish, perfectly pretty