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Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Dahlia Mail (pt. 2)

Good news everyone! The second edition of the Dahlia Mail landed in my mail box yesterday with a resounding thump and by the looks of things the girls and boys of the St Abbs VMR have been very busy since I left the homeland.

I'm particularly miffed about missing Jim's talk on Nudibranchs as it's always a pleasure to study and photo the may varied species that can be found at St Abbs. I miss my Nudibranchs.
My long lost love
Not sure about the surfing lessons but that's always because I have a fear of the surfboard smashing my teeth in!

And Miranda Krestovnikoff returns with the BBC to do some more filming, focusing on the wolf fish. Dead easy though, all she had to do was dive on Black Carr. 

There's never a bad dive at Black Carr.

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