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Saturday, 3 March 2012

The girls from Hell

The last day on the Island and we decided to get some sight seeing in which meant an obligatory visit to the tourist trap that is Hell. Literally, it is Hell.
Hell is........Hell
It's probably the most interesting three minutes of your life then there's nothing else to do. At least you can say you've been to Hell and back. Which is nice that Hell exists as there is certainly an over abundance of churches on the island. Nearly as many as there is chickens and that's saying something!
Lounging around in Hell
The scenery is made of short black limestone formations and speculation on how the place got it's name is a bit mixed but common consensus is that a local remarked that "This is what hell must look like". 

You can get all the t-shirts, nick-nacks and send postcards from Hell and all the other touristy stuff. When the cruise ships come in with the tourists then it gets pretty mobbed pretty quick.
Tourist cruise liners ready to spew their load on the quiet George Town waterfront
Thankfully the liners don't come in every day but when they do, George Town is mobbed and there is barely room to swing a chicken, I have no idea how the locals cope with it. Best to avoid the place like the plague on those days. 
The best place to be
As always when escaping the maddening crowds and you're looking for some solitude, the beach front with a white russian (the drink, not a woman!) is the best place to be. 

Drink in the scenery, drink up the alcohol and contemplate your navel. Bliss!