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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Are you going to Scarborough fair?

We took some time off to go and visit Jills parents and it wouldn't be a visit to North Yorkshire without a day trip out to Scarborough and we certainly had the sun for it!
Waterfront attractions. Sadly not running just now
The harbour stands quiet today
Still early on the year for tourists but the place was still jumping with a ton of traffic and plenty of people on the beaches.
Panoramic from the spa all the way down the South Sands
With plenty of donkey rides on the go (weight restricted unfortunately) and ice creams being eaten, we wandered down the South Sands and then walked up the path to the Grand Hotel  and Spa Bridge. The Grand Hotel was built on the site of Woods Lodgings where Anne Bronte used to stay when on annual holidays and eventually died of consumption.
The Scarborough Grand hotel
Whilst we were at the top, we took the opportunity to visit Wackers, the best place in the country to get fish and chips. When you ask for a large haddock, you get a large haddock!
And don't forget the mushy peas....
Outside the Grand Hotel
With food polished off we headed back under the spa bridge and walked along to the spa wells for a seat in the sun and an ice cream before strolling back along the beachfront back to the car.
A contemplative walk on the beach
As Wallace and Gromit would say, a grand day out.
"Sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the tide roll away....."