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Friday, 16 March 2012

End of days

Well the last couple of days in the Keys were nice apart from the torrential rain! Every other time we've been there it's been glorious sunshine but I think we lucked out this visit.
Not quite singing in the rain
The stores make an absolute fortune selling rain capes to the tourists. I'm obviously in the wrong line of work. We didn't decide to do any diving whilst we were at the Keys but it's probably just as well as we got two days free diving just walking around!
Mallory Square. No sunset here today.
And this also meant that the ritual of watching the sunset in Mallory Square didn't happen which was a shame but at least we did the usual tourist type things which we always do when we come here. Like go to the Southernmost point.
The girls head South
And enjoy the sights of the Southern most chickens. Which is fitting as chickens have played a consistently key role during the entire holiday!
Not Kentucky Fried, just Southern Wet Chicken
Also on this visit we went and had a look at the Mel Fisher museum which is always worth a visit, especially if you've been brought up on stories of high adventure on the seven seas and watched Errol Flynn buckle his swash.
Getting very wet and not happy by this time
Another place we definitely had to visit whilst we were here was Blue Heaven to try the Key Lime pie. We've pie before down here, but several people recommended Blue Heaven.
Blue sign for Blue Heaven, with strange women hanging around on street corners.....
The pie was excellent, the girls thought there was too much meringue on the pie, but I thought it was just right with a nice base and sharp lime filling. Service was utter pants though, so best just to get in there, eat the pie and go.
Some great pie
We kick started breakfast the following day with a visit to Dennys. I know its hardly adventurous, but the choice is good and the food is good.
Why cant we get food that looks and tastes this good back home???
Some last minute t-shirt shopping and a hunt for some knick-knacks, reluctantly loaded up the car and headed back up US 1 to Miami and the homeward flight. Excellent diving, superb sights and lots of fun. One day soon we'll be back to do it all again......
On the road again.....