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Monday, 20 June 2011

West Coast Wonders

Fog shrouded and mystical. As well as raining.

Well knowing in advance that St. Abbs would be swarming with muppets this weekend, we pre-empted them and headed out West. And as well we did. Speaking the lads down at the harbour, it turns out the idea of going West was a good call as the level of muppetry on the boats was at an all time high this weekend. With my trust camera and buddy we dived in at one of our old stomping (splashing) grounds from yester-year at Loch Long and had some of the best diving in a long time
A happy little dog fish

A nice couple of 80 minute dives in 10 degrees with the loch bed swarming with critters proved how excellent diving in the sea lochs can be. Anemone Gardens was in full bloom with wonderful purple, blue, white and orange Plumose Anemones covering the entire area. Gobies, blennies, squat lobsters, scorpionfish and dog fish all vying for our attention. Everywhere you looked, there was something moving and we could easily have spent all day down there. Especially tring to get in a shot of the tube worms.
Velvet swimming crab in mid-nosh

Hamish was also in fine fettle providing exemplary surface support and fresh tea and bacon butties as soon as we hit the surface. Vis was not the best on the day, varying between 2-5 metres in places, but the scenery and marine life more than made up for it.
Elaine goes in for the shoot

An exceptionally good day had by all and all things being well, including the weather, we'll be back to hunting wolfies at St Abbs on Saturday...........