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Friday, 3 June 2011

Too busy

Well been an eventful week so very little time to be in, on or under the water! I did spend a fair bit of time with the new models of Sony NEX 4/3 and Alpha DSLR cameras that are due to be launched within the next couple of months. Very nice pieces of kit they are as well but can't say anything due to being very hush-hush, but very impressive indeed. Big ups to Sony for letting me play with the new toys ahead of release. Keep an eye in the shops for these ones, especially the NEX.

With any luck we'll be jumping in at St Abbs again tomorrow. Wosrt case scenario will be a jaunt over to one of the St Catherine sites and try and find some dogfish, cuckoo and thornback rays. We shall what Mr Weather wants to do about things in the morning.