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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Dive Ahoy!

It proved to be a corker of a day. Starting of with some light showers, but sun smiled on us and wind died off. 
Before the mad rush
 Now it may just be me, but if i hadn't dived since last November and my kit had not been serviced since then as well, I would not be throwing myself off a boat into the sea. But thats exactly what a group of divers from Leeds did. What fun they had. Weighting problems, knackered LPI's, rapid ascents, we saw it all. Minutes of entertainment for everyone. Well for us watching them at least!

Are divers getting lazier these days or do they think they are immune to things going sh*t shaped? Answers on a post card. Half of them didn't bother getting back on for a second dive anyway so nothing lost there. It pays to keep your skills fresh and your equipment serviced.....

First splash was on the Horn, with viz averaging  4-5m and 10 C in the water. We made a couple of circuits before mooching over to Cathedral. Marine life and swim throughs abounded with the hard corals, sponges, anemones, Wrasse, lobsters and all the other usual suspects.  As well as a nice big octopus, hiding under a shelf that refused to be pictured. Shame but I still managed to get a bit of it in shot. Not easy mind you!

Octopus hide and seek
 Second jump was at Skellies during flood, so a bit of a push on, but once we got down in the gullies we had time have a good bimble around. As usual, Grandfather lobster was in his usual place. This thing is so big theres no way it would get out of his hole. This thing makes small children and ponies look miniature by comparison.

Grandfather lobster, minus his walking stick

The wolfies were keeping out of sight today so no sightings, but still plenty of sunstars, dahlia anemones, edible crabs and normal sized lobsters to keep us entertained.

Elaine barging into the shot!

Viz has been consistantly average since the start of the year and today was no different. It did pick up ever so slightly by lunchtime but still didn't get beyond 8-9m. It will get better eventually (he said optmistically!). At least there's still no shortage of finding lost kit on the dive sites. Todays find was brand new SMB reel. Gave it away to Paul O on Pathfinder if anyone wants to claim it!
Selkie charging to the pick up
Onwards and upwards for better viz and the odd wolfie or six. A visit back to Lochaline is in the works next month as well as a welcome return to Scapa to renew old aquaintances with the skippers and dive centres. They still owe me a bottle of whiskey.........