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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Killing in the name of

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Captain Nige makes headlines, and for all the right reasons this time (we don't talk about that incident involving 6 gallons of cider, 3 ferrets and a combine harvester).

Well done Nige, a grand achievement and something that all the cullers can aspire to.

"Last weekend, East End dive instructor Nigel Coles killed his 10,000 lionfish since the spcies was first spotted in the Caymans, That is an average of 3.5 lionfish a day sin September 2009."

"This weekend he took his tally past the 10,000 mark – an achievement that has not only helped protect East End reefs, but has also paid for his boat.
Mr. Coles, who dives with his wife and “spotter” Deby, sells his catch to chefs at Morritt’s Tortuga Club and the Rum Point restaurant, which serve them to tourists."