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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Ribbon in the sky

A great day to dive as the weather turned abruptly afterwards, so timing was with us today. The water temp was down to 27 C. mind you with this being winter time and all but that didn't stop the good times. There were huge shoals of fusiliers, barjacks and blue chromis, it was like swimming through ribbons of multi coloured light and explosions of underwater fireworks.

We also a wonderful array of turtles out there that to came to play with us with their entourage in tow in some instances. If I remember rightly, there were five turtles at different times hanging around. It's nice to see that they haven't all been poached and killed which is unfortunately still very much a thing here.

For dive number two I didn't get too lucky on finding the small stuff this time around. I always seem to struggle a bit at this site for macro stuff, however enough excuses. I did manage to find a flamingo tongue cowrie wandering the sand which was nice to see as the only time I've ever seen them is when they're attached to coral or sponge.

Macro deficit aside, it was a great morning for diving and still good to be in the water and forget the hubbub and tumult of everyday life. After all if you don't have diving, what do you have?